Bold New Brew Takes Aim at England’s Ashes ‘Bitterness’

July 6, 2023 3:52 pm in by

In the thrilling aftermath of England’s controversial reaction to Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal in the Ashes at Lord’s earlier this week, Carlton United Brewing (CUB) has unleashed a limited edition new beer in response to the ‘Sooky Poms’. With a dash of cheekiness and a bitter twist, this crisp creation aims to put a smile on the faces of Australian supporters while fuelling the rivalry that defines the Ashes.

CUB’s spokesman and VB Marketing Manager, Marc Lord, wasted no time in firing back at England’s coach, Brendon McCullum, who recently quipped that he couldn’t envision sharing a beer with the Australian team anytime soon. Lord’s response? A delicious beer with a bit of a bitter aftertaste, the new brew cleverly has a stab at the sourness of England’s reaction.

The Brew even made a splash on Sunrise this morning!

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CUB says their new beer not only packs a punch but also leaves a lasting impression suggesting it is best enjoyed warm, adding an extra layer of intensity to the drinking experience. In a final parting message, Marc Lord assured Aussies they had sent a few slabs over to England, hoping that when the Poms calm down and eventually lose the Ashes in a clean sweep, perhaps the two teams could share a brew.