Aldi Launching New Service to Compete With Coles And Woolworths

August 29, 2023 10:45 am in by
Image: Shutterstock/rafapress

To keep up with their major competitors, Aldi has revealed that they are looking to offer online shopping to customers.

Aldi has previously been reluctant to offer online shopping so it can keep the prices of groceries down, but has recognised that if they don’t offer the service they’re giving their competitors an edge over them.

The chain supermarket ran an online shopping trial back in 2022 which ended up being scrapped but Aldi’s communications director Adrian Christie said that customers “will see us entering that space in the future”.

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“I think there is significant share moving into the online space,” he said.

With almost 50 percent of Australians doing at least some of their grocery shopping online and 15 percent doing all of their food shopping online, it’s a space that is currently untapped for the German grocery giant.

Mr Christie added that Aldi is holding firm on selling their products 15 to 20 percent cheaper than their competitors but he did acknowledge the challenges that moving into the online world would provide.