New chimp arrives at Rockhampton Zoo

June 9, 2023 10:08 am in by

A new addition to the Rockhampton Zoo family, with Jery the chimp arriving at his new home from Sydney Zoo.

Rockhampton councillor Cherie Rutherford says the 27-year-old primate is settling in, in a safe and private enclosure away from the public eye.

“Rockhampton Zoo’s Head Primate Keeper spent the last week at Sydney Zoo getting to know Jery and has overnight travelled with Jery alongside Sydney Zoo’s Head Primate Keeper and vet to Rockhampton,” Cr Rutherford says.

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“We are pleased to say that he was very relaxed throughout the trip and released really well this morning at the Rockhampton Zoo.

Visitors won’t be able to meet Jery for some time however, as he’s slowly introduced to the current troop of seven chimps at the zoo.

Cr Rutherford says you might be able to hear the troop becoming vocal during the introductions, which could be quite loud and may include screaming.

“This is a natural response when chimps are introduced to new chimps, and at times it may even become physical, which is why we need to take the time to keep their introductions private.

“Our zookeepers will be watching the behaviours of Jery and our troop throughout this process, which can take days, weeks or even months, to help determine who he will get along with.

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“Ultimately, we’re hoping for a strong bond to be built between Jery and our alpha male, Alon.

“An official announcement will be made once Jery has been released into the main chimp enclosure and is ready for you all to meet him and fall in love.”

Jery will not be used for breeding purposes.


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