Gibbons arrive at Rockhampton Zoo

October 21, 2022 9:36 am in by


Two white-cheeked gibbons are the newest animals to call Rockhampton Zoo home.

The species, native to South East Asia, is critically endangered with only 150 -160 of them left in the wild and around 200 in captivity worldwide.

Councillor Cherie Rutherford says she is thrilled to welcome Nakai and Tuson to the Zoo family.

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“11-year-old Nakai (male) arrived from Perth Zoo on Monday and his almost 6 year old cousin Tuson (female) joined him on Wednesday from Adelaide Zoo,” she says.

“Nakai and Tuson spent some supervised time this morning bonding for the first time and building a friendship that was such a delight to witness.

“Our recently renovated pre-existing enclosure is proving to be the perfect home for them to swing happily in the trees, balance on ropes, and treat themselves to fruit.

“Nakai and Tuson are settling in extremely well and all of the zoo keepers from Rockhampton, Perth and Adelaide Zoos are impressed by the transition so far.”

The arrival of the two gibbons is a result of a collaboration between Rockhampton Zoo, Perth Zoo and Adelaide Zoo.

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Councillor Cherie Rutherford says its an attempt to help ensure the critically endangered species’ survival.

“The Zoo joined the Species Management Program to ultimately help give the critically endangered Gibbons species a greater chance of survival and we are so proud of our collaboration with Perth Zoo and Adelaide Zoo in making the transfer happen.

“Whilst we won’t be breeding the two cousins, we do envisage working with other zoos in the future, including overseas to get some new bloodlines into Australia to pair up with Nakai and Tuson.

“I absolutely can’t wait to get to know Nakai and Tuson more and I know they will win the hearts of our community and visitors alike.

“The zoo is open every day between 10am and 4pm and entry is free, so make sure you get down to see Nakai and Tuson.”

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