Explore diversity at Livingstone Shire’s Agritourism Field Day

August 29, 2023 9:03 am in by
Image: Pixabay

Farmers and rural landowners in the Livingstone Shire are invited to attend the ‘Exploring the Diversity of Agritourism Field Day’, to learn about ways to innovate or diversify their farms and add value to their produce.

The Field Day will be held on September 12, with opportunities to learn both on-farm and beyond the farm gate.

Field Day participants will be able to apply to participate in Regionality’s Agritourism Business Development program, Australia’s most successful and longest-running farm-based business development program.

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The program has helped hundreds of farmers to innovate their farm businesses.

Livingstone Mayor Andrew Ireland says the forecast for Livingstone Shire’s economic growth indicates that it will be strengthened by investment and employment in Agri-business industries.

“Our region has the soils and climate to produce a wide range of food products and it is through this program that untapped, or value-added markets may be identified. An increase in the diversity of locally supplied food shortens supply chains, reduces food miles and transport costs and builds local food security, fostering resilience during disaster and other impactable events.

“I look forward to seeing and hearing about the emerging Agri-tourism ventures that will be developed from this program.”

Farmer and food entrepreneurs interested in being part of an agri-food cluster and being supported through the Agritourism Business Development Program are invited to register for the Livingstone Shire Agritourism Field Day online.

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The Field Day’s location is yet to be announced.

Topics will include:

  • Exploring options for leveraging farm assets and/or current production.
  • Investigating ideas for diversification or value adding.
  • Developing new pathways to market.
  • Potential for tapping into the visitor economy.