Cricket ball-sized hail hits Central Queensland

October 25, 2022 9:24 am in by


Hail has lashed parts of Central Queensland, as severe thunderstorms swept across the state on Monday afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Bradley Wood says areas near Gladstone received the largest hailstones.

“Some of the largest we have seen come through was some 10cm hail near Ambrose and some 6-8cm hail just out to the west of Gladstone,” he says.

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“So there definitely was some severe thunderstorms around yesterday.”

Giant hailstones have also been reported from Mount Larcom.

The storms also brought downpours to the region.

Rockhampton received 54mm of rain yesterday, while areas around Gogango received between 25-49mms.

Mr Wood says there is a chance more severe thunderstorms could develop across parts of the state today, including in Central Queensland and Mackay.

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“As we head into the afternoon we will see those thunderstorms pick up again, and again we do have the chance of severity through the area,” he says.

“So damaging winds and hail will be a risk.”


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