Carve a Spooky Pine this Halloween to support local growers

October 6, 2022 9:18 am in by


Central Queensland pineapple growers are encouraging residents to swap the pumpkin for a pineapple to support local farmers this October.

They’re urging anyone decorating their homes for Halloween to choose a cheaper, more pliable, and more Australian product to carve.

Ben Clifton from Valley Syndicate in Yeppoon says it’s a chance to make the traditionally US holiday our own, as it becomes more and more popular in Australia.

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“When I was growing up it was a little bit frowned upon as something that’s overseas but I think if we can do it in the Australian way, the way Australian people do, let’s get a pineapple out there and let’s make it our own!”


He says it’s also a chance to support our local farmers, following a challenging 18 months with sale prices down and production costs skyrocketing.

“With labour costs, diesel prices being through the roof, and fertiliser prices, they’re all pushing upward pressure on the cost of production – and when we’re receiving the same or probably less yield – it makes times tough out on the farm.”

Mr Clifton says a pineapple has other benefits over a pumpkin as well.

“There’s a bit of waste associated and bit of cost associated with a pumpkin, whereas a pineapple – you get to eat all the good stuff inside of it and carve up the locally Queensland-grown bit of fresh produce – so it’s a win-win situation.”

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