Giant Celebration: Toby Bedford’s Mum’s Hilarious Post-Match Antics

September 18, 2023 9:42 am in by

In a thrilling turn of events, the GWS Giants delivered a stunning defeat to Port Adelaide on Saturday night, putting an end to their season. With a final score of 13.15 (93) to Port Adelaide’s 9.16 (70), the Giants’ midfield prowess was on full display. This monumental victory advances Toby Greene and his team to a preliminary final against Collingwood at the MCG this coming Friday.

However, the post-match celebrations were stolen by an unlikely star – Toby Bedford’s jubilant mother, Mel. After the match, she became the centre of attention, taking over several interviews in high spirits. As Channel 7 was conducting an interview with Stephen Coniglio, Mel was seen joyously positioning herself between Coniglio and Daisy Pearce, exchanging high-fives and proclaiming, “Let’s go for the Granny, we got it boys.”

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Her infectious spirit sent those around her into fits of laughter and viewers at home were equally charmed by her antics. The merriment continued as she crashed an interview with Eddie Betts, reasserting her pride in her son’s team and their impending victory. “Collingwood are quaking because the Earth is shaking,” she declared, correcting herself from an earlier faux pas.

In an amusing twist to an intense match, Mel Bedford’s post-game revelry has become a talking point among fans. Despite her son’s attempts to gently escort her away from the limelight, her enthusiasm proved unstoppable. As the Giants gear up for their face-off with Collingwood this Friday, one thing is certain – Mel Bedford has become an unexpected champion of the “orange army.”