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The Untold Truth Of The NeverEnding Story

Turn around for some nostalgia overload with the Untold Truth of The NeverEnding Story. An iconic childhood film for a generation or two, there was something magical about the whole experience. So magical that there are several UNTOLD TRUTHS that you may not have known about this movie.

Did Atreyu's horse die during the making of this film? How does this film stand up in the High Definition age? Which famous director received the Auryn Necklace as a gift? Whatever happened to the child actor who played Atreyu? All those questions answered and more in the video above.

Did you also know that Stranger Things helped bring interest back to the film after Dustin and his girlfriend performed a long distnace duet of the movies title song? Go Dusty!

One last piece of Nostalgia for the ride home. Do you remember when Bastion was chasing those bullies at the end of the movie whilst riding Falkor? Your Welcome.