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Saturday afternoons join us for The Sideline View.

It's a uniquely local sports show that engages the local community like no other sports show in town, because it's all about you!

We'll highlight our local sports stars from Juniors to Masters and everyone in between and feature sports of all sorts from the mainstream to the obscure. There's no sport left unturned in The Sideline View. We love all things local, but we also know how important the national scores and news are too. So we'll keep you up to date with them all afternoon too.

The introduction of this new program in 2021 has brought much-needed support and attention to local sporting clubs and groups.

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The Scoreboard 
The Scoreboard is your weekly wrap-up of scores from around the grounds. Keep up to date with your local team and where they are on the ladder.

Aaron can be heard on 4RO on Saturday between 12 and 4 pm or listen online at HERE

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