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China posts drop in new virus cases

Mainland China has reported the lowest number of confirmed cases of a new coronavirus since late January, partly because of a change in diagnostic criteria for patients in Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak.

Jobless rate grows fastest in Queensland

EMPLOYMENT DATA FOR JANUARY 2020* Unemployment rose slightly across the nation to 5.3 per cent, seasonally adjusted* Queensland rose 0.6 points to 6.3 per cent* Victoria rose 0.4 points to 5.4 per cent* Tasmania rose 0.4 points to 5.9 per cent* WA rose 0.4 points to 5.8 per cent* NSW...

Coronavirus spreads like flu, not SARS

Scientists in China who studied nose and throat swabs from 18 patients infected with the new coronavirus say it behaves much more like influenza than other closely related viruses, suggesting it may spread even more easily than previously believed.
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