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Tornado hits Rome beach as wildfires burn

Ten people have been treated for injuries after a freak tornado surprised beach-goers in Ostia, a seaside town on the south-western outskirts of Rome.

Sun umbrellas and sunbeds were thrown 300-400 metres into the air, the manager of the affected beach club, Antonio Perchinunno, said in a video posted by newspaper Il Messaggero.

"It was an apocalyptic scene," an unnamed woman said in the same video.

According to the Adnkronos news agency, four people were treated on the scene, while six were taken to hospital, including one with head injuries and another with chest injuries. No one was said to be seriously hurt.

In a separate incident, a fire in Capalbio, a well-known beach resort in southern Tuscany, forced the evacuation of two camping sites, and the temporary closure of a nearby railway and main road.

In recent weeks, emergency services have been fighting a record number of wildfires. Arson is suspected in most cases, by people who want to reuse land for farming or construction, or forest rangers who want to secure their jobs.

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