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New specialised youth officers in NT

Twenty-eight new officers with specialised youth behaviour training have started on the job in detention centres across the Northern Territory.

The officers are the first to complete new induction training that specialises in mentoring young people in detention by using "numerous key behavioural management and trauma-informed strategies".

Nineteen of the recruits will be based at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, while nine will be at the Alice Springs centre.

"These new youth justice offers are a vital and valuable addition to our workforce as they play a significant role in supporting young people often with complex needs to make positive life choices," said Territory Families boss Ken Davies.

The latest induction, which runs for six and a half weeks, adds to more than 30 modules already required by new recruits.

Territory Families took over the management of youth detention centres in 2016.

One of the key recommendations of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of NT Children in November 2017 was to close the current Don Dale centre and build a new one.

Last month plans to build a new centre at Pinelands were scrapped, more than seven months after it was described as an "ideal area".

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