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Boundary surveys hit letter boxes


Check your mail box!
That's the call from the Electoral Commission as boundary voting gets underway. 
A survey has been sent to around 85,000 locals to see how they feel about transferring the suburbs of Glenlee, Glendale and Rockyview from Livingstone to Rockhampton.
Electoral Commissioner Pat Vidgen says the ballots should be hitting letter boxes this week. 
"They should be receiving them now, in fact we already know a few people who have already received them," Mr Vidgen. 
"They have got two weeks to do it so they have to send their votes back to us by the 4th of July."  
Unlike the recent Federal Election, Mr Vidgen says this vote is not compulsory. 
"It's a voluntary survey where we want to get the views of the people in Rockhampton and Livingstone and particularly those in the three suburbs too,"
"So we can see what their views are in regards to the proposal, so it's not mandatory but we would really like people to fill the form in and send it back or go online and do it." 
He also says just because it's not compulsory doesn't mean people should take it less seriously. 
"We just really would like people to take it seriously to give us their views because a the end of the day we need the communities views, we will also look financial implications as well as social impacts," Mr Vidgen says.
"We will consider all those aspects and make a recommendation in about October." 


[Image: Electoral Commission of Queensland]