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'It's disgraceful'- Calls for action on sinking vessel


Debris from a stranded yacht at Lammermoore Beach has begun to wash ashore.

The luxury vessel dragged anchor last Wednesday (May 11) before grounding.

Keppel MP Brittany Lauga is demanding the owner remove the vessel as soon as possible.

"It's disgraceful that locals have had to remove debris from our beaches as a result," Ms Lauga says.

"The owner needs to remove the vessel ASAP, and if they’re not planning to, MSQ should and send the bill to the owner, with interest," she adds.


Maritime Safety Queensland general manager Kell Dillon says the yacht is in good condition.

"A direction has been issued to the owner to secure or remove any pollutants aboard the vessel," Mr Dillion says in a statement.

MSQ is working with the owner’s representative, the Queensland Police Service and Livingstone Shire Council to collect debris.

Image: 7 News