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Gladstone health workers cop abuse at vaccination sites


There will be more police presence at COVID vaccination sites in Gladstone, after several reports of health workers being abused.

Incidents have reportedly "ramped up" since the announcement of tighter vaccination restrictions for Queensland.

From December 17, unvaccinated people will be banned from some places, including pubs, clubs and stadiums.

Gladstone Sergeant Wayne Butcher says some people are begrudgingly getting the jab and taking their frustrations out on staff.

"Certain people are coming up and virtually blaming the health service providers for making them get the jab, which is completely incorrect, just throwing insults at them ... but getting the jab anyway," Sergeant Butcher says.

"Promoting their cause, as you like, but it's directed at the wrong people because these wonderful people of our health service are there doing a job."

Sergeant Butcher says there will be more targeted patrols around those vaccination hotspots.

"Just to give the health workers a bit of extra comfort that police are on their side.

"If you are going to these locations to get your vaccination, please be courteous and mindful that the staff are there to assist the community and not there to be abused."