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Record-high petrol prices have CQ locals feeling the pinch

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The cost of fuel has drained the wallets of motorists during November, with locals urged to shop around for the best prices in the lead up to the holiday season.

The average price of unleaded petrol hit record levels at the weekend, with some service stations in Brisbane soaring to $1.91 per litre.

RACQ spokesperson Kate Leonard-Jones says Rockhampton residents are feeling the squeeze - the average price for unleaded across the state is currently sitting around 163.8 cents per litre.

Rockhampton is still experiencing record average prices for unleaded at 165.8 cpl, while prices have come down to an average 166.3 in Gladstone.

"These records were last set back in 2018, and then even last year we were paying 50 cents cheaper for fuel as well - so it's definitely a shock to motorists in Central Queensland," Ms Leonard-Jones says.

The advice is to do some homework and shop around for the best petrol prices, before filling up.

Ms Leonard-Jones explains it is as easy as opening up an app on your phone, to save a few bucks.

"Jump online onto an app or a website and just have a look at what service stations in your area are charging," she says.

"We know that there can be a difference between 10 to 15 cents in some instances - between the different fuel stations charging different prices."

PUMA Depot in Kawana is selling the cheapest unleaded this morning at 161.7 cpl, while in Gladstone it is Metro Petroleum, South Gladstone at 158.9.