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Investigations under way into fatal collapse at CQ mine

Operations at a Central Queensland mine have ceased while investigations get under way into the nature and cause of a fatal underground collapse.

A section of wall or ceiling collapsed at Gregory Crinum mine, north of Emerald on Tuesday night.

A man in his 60s was tragically killed and two other people were taken to hospital, including a 25-year-old man airlifted in a serious condition with crush injuries.

Minister for Resources Scott Stewart said three people from the Queensland Mines Inspectorate were on site on Wednesday and "have begun their investigation into the nature and cause of the incident".

"Any loss of life on our mine sites is unacceptable," Mr Stewart says.

"It is my expectation the Queensland Mines Inspectorate and Resources Safety and Health Queensland will investigate this incident thoroughly and with diligence.

"Operations at the Crinum mine have been suspended while the investigation is under way."

CFMEU Mining and Energy president Stephen Smyth says they also have representatives on site who plan to be there as long as it takes.

"Our industry safety and health reps will be there as long as it takes, we have two guys on site," Mr Smyth says.

"They'll participate in all aspects of the investigation.

"We're not putting a time on it from our end, we've got to make sure that our guys who are doing the investigation get all the relevant information and carry out their own investigation for the purpose of nature and cause as well."

Mr Smyth said the site was recently purchased by Sojitz Blue and was undergoing remedial works after being closed for a number of years.

"Mastermyne has been successful in getting a tender and contract to mine the Crinum mine," Mr Smyth says.

"What they're doing is re-establishing that mine back up to where it can get back on to coal production.

"So it's got a smaller workforce at this point in time while they do the remedial work."

In a statement, Mastermyne says the family of the fatally injured coal mine worker will be provided with its support and assistance, with counselling services also made available to all Mastermyne staff and others impacted by the incident.

Managing director Tony Caruso says their immediate thoughts are with the family, friends and workmates of the employee.

“The safety and wellbeing of our staff is one of our core values," Mr Caruso says.

"The cause of the incident will be thoroughly investigated and we will continue to support the family and our work colleagues.”