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Scammers offering fake Ergon Energy jobs to regional Queenslanders

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Scammers are reaching out to vulnerable people looking for work making fake job offers for roles that do not exist across regional Queensland.

Ergon Energy has issued a warning after one person claimed to have handed over $8000 to participate in the company's "recruitment process".

Executive general manager Belinda Watton says the scammers are operating around the globe with people from as far away as the US contacting them.

“We’ve also heard of Queenslanders being contacted by dodgy operators claiming to represent us or our parent company, Energy Queensland, with most approaches coming through online job boards, direct emails, or from fake identities claiming to be affiliated with sites like LinkedIn," Ms Watton says.

The scammers are reported to have a similar spiel each time, reaching out to the job seeker, telling them they are a great candidate, then luring them with a good-paying (non-existent) job - usually work-from-home.

They then seek out a lot of personal information, and often payment to "progress" their application, security checks, and/or IT licences.

Ms Watton says Ergon Energy will never reach out to people and cold call, and will never ask for money to participate in a recruitment process.

"It's disgraceful and it’s heartbreaking. Please be on guard: if you want to check the legitimacy of a contact claiming to be from us, please call us or message us through social media," she says.

Anyone who thinks they are being scammed should always report it to