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New mobile app to help mine workers improve their mental health after COVID-19 pandemic


The Minerals Council of Australia has launched a new mobile app to help miners improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The app, which is set to benefit Australia's 250,000 mining workforce was developed to address the challenges experienced by many during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Council says it recognises that mental health problems can have an adverse impact on mining workers, their families and industry productivity.

General Manager of Industry Engagement Simon Troeth says the pandemic has had a significant impact on the mining workforce.

“During COVID in particular a lot of fly-in, fly-out workers in particular have been affected,” Mr Troeth says.

“It’s resulted in longer shifts and more time away from family and friends and that social isolation can have a serious effect on mental health.”

He says the app has a range of features.

“It provides tools to alleviate or to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting better sleep, promoting alertness while people are on shift, providing advice for people to take control through breathing, managing emotions and releasing tensions,” Mr Troeth says.

“Importantly it includes a financial management plan called budget well so mining workers can set budget and savings goals...and a social connection tool so mining workers can schedule anniversaries, catch ups with family and friends and other important events.”

“There will also be a crisis response tool so if people are feeling that they need help immediately they can put in direct calls to Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Mates in Mining and other help services.”

The app was developed using feedback provided by mine workers in focus groups and is a convenient tool to help people address the challenges that have become worse during the pandemic.

The Minerals Council says all personal information provided by app users remains private and cannot be viewed, gathered or accessed by others.

The MineWell app can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play.