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Kids in Central Queensland are looking to the future with hope


Young kids in Central Queensland are optimistic about their future in a post-pandemic world, according to a new report.

The Voices of Hope Growing up in Queensland 2020 report surveyed more than 8,000 Queensland kids aged 4-18 last year, to find out what is most important to them.

Among the top results were environmental protection, quality of education, mental health, and their community.

Central Queensland University Professor in Psychology, Matthew Browne says the findings show young Queenslanders are thoughtful and passionate.

"They do have concerns about the future, they have an awareness of political and social issues like climate change and they have worries about that," Professor Browne says.

According to the report, many wanted to complete secondary education or pursue further education.

Kids in regional areas of Queensland also valued growing up in a smaller community.

Professor Browne says he had been surprised to learn young people are aware of the benefits of growing up in a regional area, in and around Central Queensland.

"Kids can move around more easily and probably with less concern from their parents, if they live in a small town they're often riding their bikes and visiting their friends, perhaps visiting the beach," he says.

Mr Browne says he is confident the effects of COVID-19 won't have a significant impact on their lives, long term.

"I think kids are extremely resilient and that they will bounce back and have bounced back from that period pretty well,"

"I would be surprised if there were long-term impacts stretching within a five or 10-year timeframe," he says.