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Mount Morgan water trucking ramps up


A minimum of 20 truckloads of water a day are now being driven from Gracemere to the Mount Morgan Water Treatment Plant. 

Rockhampton Regional Council rampped up it's emergency water supply following a drop in the quality of the water in the No. 7 dam.

Mayor Tony Williams says residents would now see a marked difference in the taste of the water.

“We know that as the dam level fell the water quality did too, with some residents experiencing a change in taste and smell," Mr Williams says. 

“Now that 20 trucks a day are coming up there will be no more water that’s come from the dam being distributed, and the water coming out of your taps will be entirely from the trucked up drinking water."

Trucking water to Mount Morgan is a temporary emergency measure to ensure residents have access to good quality drinking water, but Council is committed to finding a long term sustainable solution for Mount Morgan’s water security.

Water and Environmental Sustainability Councillor Donna Kirkland says that there was no change in how residents accessed the water.

“The water will be taken from Gracemere and then driven up to Mount Morgan, but residents in Gracemere don’t need to worry – we will send more water to the area if needed," Ms Kirkland says. 

“The water will then be disinfected again just to make sure its quality is still high after the journey, and will then be distributed using the same water distribution system that supplies water to the Mount Morgan community now. You will be able to turn on your taps as normal.

“We know that some people have been choosing to use bottled water instead of tap water, and the great news is that there will be no need to do that anymore.”