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Low supply alert as capacity at Awoonga Dam continues to fall


Gladstone farmers and producers are bracing for possible water restrictions in the wake of a low-supply alert for Awoonga Dam. 
It's the first time in 14 years the alert's been issued, and follows persistent drought conditions.
At this stage the Gladstone Area Water Board estimates there is five years worth of reliable water supply left. 
The board says no restrictions will be introduced at this stage but is encouraging stakeholders that voluntary reductions should occur. 
“We’re asking the community and our customers to view this as an opportunity to act early, adopt proactive reduction strategies and raise awareness of water security in the Gladstone region," Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow says. 
Mr Barlow also stressed that it may be more than a year before any formal restrictions would need to be adopted.
“The Low Supply Alert will remain in place until more stringent level one supply restrictions are deemed necessary or, alternatively, when significant inflows are received and it can be removed," Chief Executive Officer Darren Barlow says. 
“As the region’s sole bulk water provider, we take a long term view on this issue, which is why we must prepare ourselves now.”
GAWB will also launch a public education campaign to boost the local community’s knowledge of water security in the Gladstone region.