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Police cracked down on speeding across the long weekend


Local police are happy with most drivers' behaviour over the Easter long weekend. 
There was only one injury crash across the four days, which police say is quite remarkable considering the Easter traffic, combined with the large number of people attending town for Queensland's biggest car and bike show, Rockynats.
However, Officer in Charge of the Rockhampton Road Policing Unit Senior Sergeant Ewan Findlater says they are not too pleased with the amount of drink and drug driving offences.
"Out of 4,500 breath tests there were 32 drivers detected with alcohol and then 59 drivers have been charged with drug driving offences with over 400 tests carried out," Senior Sergeant Findlater says. 
More than 600 road infringement notices have also been issued across the weekend, with just under 400 of those speeding fines. 
Senior Sergeant Findlater says they had a lot of traffic officers in town, who caught some drivers going "ridiculous" speeds.
"One driver doing 141km/hr in a 70 zone, we had another driver doing 133km/hr in a 70 zone, who also went for drink driving, and we had a third driver who went 125km/hr in a 60 zone," Senior Sergeant Findlater says. 
"They were all on Thursday night within the Rockhampton city area and those sort of drivers are the ones we want to meet and take action against."
With school holidays only just kicking off, police say they want to have a highly visible police presence on as many roads as they can. 
"We will be out there using all our speed detection options, breath testing, drug testing, the whole kit and caboodle," Senior Sergeant Findlater says. 
"We want to try to get through the rest of these school holidays without anymore crashes."