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Farmers asking where's the rain?


It's been a dry start to the year in Rockhampton, and it has left farmers questioning, "Where's all the rain?".

Latest statistics show the the beef capital received just under 30 millimetres of rain in Feb - compared to the monthly average of 142 millimetres.
Rockhampton farmer and Ag. Force member David Hill says it's been incredibly disappointing considering the hype around a La Nina year, 
"Storm season, as it's been, has been incredibly patchy and there're some people who have had a probably, you know, a fair enough season; but a lot of people are well below average, and coming off 2020, which was an ordinary season."
David says farmers are putting in the hard yards to keep operations going.
He is encouraging any local farmers, to reach out if they need any extra advice or support,
"D.A.F. (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) has very good extension offices.  You can get some advice on how to plan and that type of thing.  There's always the mental health aspect too, so I just encourage people (to reach out) - you don't have to go through these things on your own."