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Capricornia MP blasts Facebook for irresponsible ban during pandemic


The Federal Member for Capricornia is hitting out at Facebook over its news ban, saying regional residents rely on the platform for up-to-date information, especially during the pandemic.

Australians can no longer view or share news from Australian media outlets after the social media giant imposed a ban yesterday, as the fight over advertising dollars heats up.

Michelle Landry says Facebook’s decision is disgraceful.

"For some people, it is the only access they have to reading news bulletins.

"So it's not a good look for Facebook to be doing this, and to basically do it overnight too, it's just absolutely appalling," Ms Landry tells us.

The Federal Government is swiftly moving to introduce a media bargaining code, which will require digital companies – like Facebook – to pay media companies for using their news content.

Ms Landry says the Federal Government expects all companies who have do business in Australia to comply with its laws.

"The thing that really does irritate me about this, is the fact that they think they're a law above themselves, and they can go against the Australian Government," she says.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is expected to meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg today in efforts to find a resolution to lift the ban.