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Attention turns to wild winds as rain softens


As rain and floodwaters slowly recede across most of Queensland, winds are starting to pick up.

Torrential rain has bloated rivers, flooded homes and businesses across central, north and far north Queensland for much of this week, with some areas getting up to 600millimetres.

The storm system caused by ex-tropical cyclone Imogen, prompted many severe thunderstorm warnings for heavy rain and flooding right across the state.

But as the rain softens, the Bureau of Meteorology is warning of strong and gale force winds for towns between the Gold Coast and Capricornia today and tomorrow.

Meteorologist Rosa Hoff says it will impact both bays and beaches.

"It will likely make boating conditions hazardous out in the water, as well as making it dangerous for activities like rock fishing, spear fishing, swimming and surfing," Ms Hoff says.

Winds are expected to exceed 26knots in most places.

"We also have the potential of approaching gale force wind speeds, particularly around the Capricornia waters tomorrow.

"It is looking like strong winds are more likely than full on gale, but it is certainly a potential we are watching out for."

Boaties and surfers are being told to check the conditions and not to take any chances on the water.