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Valentine's Day Message - Take The Flowers And The Condoms


Image Credit: Public Domain 

It has been revealed that the number of cases of Gonorrhoea in Central Queensland has more than quadrupled since 2015.

According to figures from Queensland Health, the number of people infected in 2015 was 50. That number was 220 in 2019, significantly higher.

Sexual Health expert Penny Marshall said the rate has also increased by close to 130 per-cent nationally.

She explained that infected men tend to experience symptoms but women may not.

With online dating getting more popular, she recommends people get an STD check before having unprotected intercourse.

Ms Marshall said while it is difficult to know exactly what has caused such a significant increase in the number of cases of Gonorrhoea...she said it could be attributed to an increase in the use of social media, with people being more "Free and easy".

She speculates that more people are choosing not to use condoms and also suggests people may be having "More sex than they ever did".

While she couldn't say whether or not dating sites like Tinder and Bumble could be behind this dramatic increase, she said they are monitoring the impact of dating applications as closely as they can.

Ms Marshall also stressed that she suspects more people are getting tested these days than they may have five years ago. She feels that campaigns raising awareness may have assisted with this.

She admits some people may find getting tested for STI'S embarrassing but she said the treatments are excellent so it is better to be tested and treated than never know.

Her advice for new couples this Valentine's Day is "Take the flowers, but also take the condoms".

By Michelle Brewer