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Bushwalker Rescued From Cliff Face By Rescue Chopper

Image Credit: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue 

A bushwalker has been plucked to safety from a cliff face at Kemp Hill. 

A little after 12.30PM on Thursday RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE called to Kemp Hill amid reports a bush walker was trapped on a cliff face and unable to get out of their predicament on their own.  

Image Credit: RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue 

After unsuccessful attempts made by the Queensland Fire Service to retrieve the man, RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE was ultimately tasked, after a winch extraction was determined to be the only option to rescue the man safely.

Rescue Crewman, Cameron Fewtrell, was winched 100 feet down on to the sheer cliff face to retrieve the man; made difficult by the lack of footing and steepness of the cliff.

The patient was brought up into the aircraft by use of a strop winch. The on board RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE Critical Care Paramedic treated the man for minor cuts.

RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE landed at the Rosslyn Bay Marina where the patient was handed to QPS.