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Gladstone Drivers Have Reason To Celebrate

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Gladstone drivers were rewarded at the bowser, with the city one of the cheapest places in Queensland to fill the tank last month, according to the State’s peak motoring body.

RACQ’s October 2019 Fuel Price Report revealed motorists in Gladstone paid on average 139.6 cents per litre (cpl) for regular unleaded petrol in October and were only pipped at the post by Goondiwindi drivers who paid the least with an average of 138.7cpl.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said while Gladstone residents were paying less than most of the State, the average price had still increased by 4.2cpl since September.

“We suspect the increase was due to a restriction in supply in the Asia Pacific region, that pushed up the Singapore petrol and diesel benchmark prices, which then flowed on to regional Queensland prices,” Ms Smith said.

“Despite the rise, Gladstone retailers were still charging a low indicative retail margin of 0.8cpl.

“Those just up the road in Rockhampton weren’t as lucky and were charged 9cpl more at the bowser with an average of 148.8cpl, with fuel companies enjoying a 9cpl indicative\ retail margin.”

Ms Smith said it was a reminder for drivers to do their research as cheaper fuel could be close by.

“It takes time and people power to push down prices and we all have control over who we choose to buy from which should always be those offering the best deals,” she said.

“We’ve never had so much technology available to us through price comparison apps, like the RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder, which might be just down the road.

“Drivers must turn this knowledge into power, by shunning the high-priced companies retailers will be forced to compete for business and lower their prices.”

The Club’s October 2019 Fuel Price Report could be viewed on RACQ’s website.