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Miriam Vale Residents Saving Water Following Town Meeting

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UPDATE | Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett has revealed that Miriam Vale residents have cut back on their water use dramatically, since a Town Hall meeting last week.

He said each resident has reduced their water usage by around 50 litres per day.  

Ideally he would like to see each person using 125 litres of water per day.  

Mayor Burnett said "we won't let the community run out of water, I can say that much".  

He said Council has been looking for an alternate water supply, "we found an aquifer, we are testing that aquifer".  

During that testing phase, excess water will be used to keep local parks and golf courses.

Water will be trucked into Miriam Vale over the next couple of weeks. 

Mayor Burnett also said they would need a lot of rain to get out of strife and the wet season is a while away, adding creeks and dams are the driest they have been in a long time.  

In terms of water saving initiatives he recommended switching the tap off while we are brushing our teeth, washing the car on the lawn and only switching the dishwasher on when it's full.  

He admitted they were also looking at how Miriam Vale School could save water.  

EARLIER | Water will be trucked into Miriam Vale which is experiencing drought conditions.  

Gladstone Regional Council will implement its Drought Management Plan to effectively manage the region's water supply during the current drought conditions.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said Council would work together with the community to identify water saving initiatives.

“The Gladstone Region was drought declared on 1 May 2019 by the Queensland Government, following a significant decline in rainfall,” Councillor Burnett said.

“Baffle Creek is the primary water source for the Miriam Vale township, and while most other areas in the Gladstone Region are connected to Lake Awoonga, the Baffle Creek water supply has been impacted by drought conditions.

Cr Burnett said Council is currently scoping a solution to improve water security for the Miriam Vale township.

“Council has explored several solutions to safely supplement the existing water source and has identified an alternate water source that is currently being tested to ensure quality, safety and reliability.”

Cr Burnett said during the testing period, Council would supplement water by trucking water to the Miriam Vale Water Treatment Plant.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted the region will continue to experience dry conditions up to late 2019, and therefore Gladstone Regional Council will implement water restrictions as part of its Drought Management Plan.

At this stage, water restrictions will be implemented in Miriam Vale only, however this will be monitored as drought conditions continue.