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'Shit' Towns Of Australia Poll Pits Rocky Against Gladstone


Voting to discover the latest 'shit town of Australia' has closed, with Rockhampton emerging smelling of roses.  

The poll posted on the Shit Towns of Australia Facebook page pitted Rockhampton against Gladstone.  

Page managers said "It's another Queensland derby as cow town Rockhampton takes on coal-dust-coated Gladstone".

They were asking. 'Which is worse?"

Gladstone finished ahead 69 to 31 per-cent to be named a 'Shit Town of Australia'.  

The group conducted a 'tongue in cheek' review of Rockhampton, finding it was founded by a bunch of stranded miners and became known as ‘The City of the Three S’s’ (sin, sweat and sorrow).

They also said "the city is known as the ‘Beef Capital of Australia’, a reference to its obesity epidemic.

"Rockhampton capitalises on its ‘Beef Capital’ moniker by selling overpriced supermarket steaks to gullible tourists who couldn’t tell a Scotch fillet from a Scotch egg, and by peddling pastry products with questionable amounts of actual meat in them from one of Australia’s only drive-thru pie shops."

The review also complained about the humidity in Rockhampton.  

Gladstone is yet to be reviewed.

By Michelle Price