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Anti Adani Protestors Gathering In Brisbane's CBD

Adani = Pollution. Coal is Death IMG_2689

Anti-Adani protesters are gathering in Brisbane's CBD on Thursday morning, calling for a halt to the Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland.

Motorists are being warned to expect significant delays.

Translink has also issued a warning that services may be disrupted.

The group, Members of Extinction Rebellion, is the same one that saw members glue themselves to a pedestrian crossing.  

In a statement provided to media outlets, the group said they intend to use “swarming tactics” which involves entering a road at the traffic lights and remaining there for 10 minutes.

"We then get off the road for 3 minutes to let those most affected through then repeat for the duration of the morning traffic.

“This will cause congestion throughout the city, and we recognise some people may be late to work; we are deeply sorry to those affected, but we do this because the Australian Government’s inaction of the climate crisis will affect Australian’s much more" the statement read.