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Cameras On Lilley’s Beach To Protect & Preserve Environment


Image Credit: Pexels 

All vehicles accessing Lilley’s Beach, Boyne Island, will now be monitored after Gladstone Regional Council installed surveillance cameras in a bid to protect its ecosystem.

Gladstone Region Acting Mayor Chris Trevor said Lilley’s Beach had a sensitive foreshore area as the tidal flats contain seagrass meadows.

“Seagrass meadows play a significant role for our marine wildlife, and if damaged, can take years to recover,” Councillor Trevor said.

Significant fines may be imposed under the Fisheries Act 1994 for the destruction or damage of seagrass meadows.

Community members are reminded motor bikes are strictly prohibited, while all other vehicles accessing Lilley’s Beach are required by law to obtain a permit.

“Permits are mandatory throughout the year for vehicles on Lilley’s Beach,” Cr Trevor said.

Permits can be purchased online by going to

Lilley’s Beach vehicle permits can also be purchased in person at Calliope or Gladstone Administration Centres or the Boyne Tannum Community Centre.

When a vehicle is being used on the beach, permits should always be carried and displayed and produced for inspection on demand by an authorised person.

Penalties apply for vehicles found on Lilley’s Beach without permits.

If you observe any disturbance to the seagrass meadows or any marine plants, please contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries on 13 25 23.