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Pauline Hanson Questions Defence's Handling Of Land Acquisitions


Cawarral Street, Livingstone Shire.  Image By Kerry Raymond - Own work, CC BY 4.0

Senator Pauline Hanson has questioned the Defence Department's handling of land acquisitions in Central Queensland.  

The One Nation Leader is asking questions after the Government's handling of land purchases throughout Marlborough, north of Rockhampton, appear to have left a local fishing business high and dry.

The 40-year-old fishing camp was purchased by the Waldons in 2010 and since that time the family of 4 have built up the business to an annual catch of fresh fish and crabs to 30 to 40 tonnes for Australian restaurants and shops.

The fishing business that employs 6 workers year-round occupies approximately 5 acres on the banks of Bald Hills Station which was recently purchased by Defence as part of a $2.25 billion dollar Singaporean army investment into Queensland.

Adjoining property, Glen Prairie Station, was also acquired for $45 million dollars, extending the 10 nautical mile exclusion zone into Herbert Creek and removing all fishing access to the Waldon's family business without any form of compensation for up to 22 weeks a year.

With over $900,000 worth of property improvements, equipment, and fishing licences now in limbo, the Waldon family are questioning why Defence hasn't offered them a relocation or compensation package that would prevent them facing financial ruin.

Clint Waldon has warned that repositioning the fishing business to nearby Stanage Bay or St Lawrence would impact on other fishing businesses and place greater pressure on local fisheries.

The sleepless nights have caused immense anxiety for the family, unsure of what their future holds following the continued buy up of more than 17 farming properties throughout the Marlborough region.

Senator Hanson will visit the Waldon family fishing camp Wednesday in order to assist their fight against thoughtless decisions made by Defence and Federal Government.