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Local Groups Say Get Your Facts Right On Coal


Switch off your lights, turn off your air conditioner, throw away your television, laptops and mobile devices.  That’s the clear message from Capricorn Enterprise, the Chamber of Commerce and the local community to the anti-coal protestors who descend upon Rockhampton city on Wednesday.  

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll said “Our first world lifestyle is not possible without coal – it is as simple as that.

“Employment in the mining industry in the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast region at 6.5% of the working population is four times that of the national figure of 1.7%.

“Across the broader Central Queensland footprint, 8.7% of workers are employed in the mining sector which is over five times that of the national figure, so the economic, social and community impacts of mining in CQ is immense.

“Whilst only 0.1 percent of the state’s entire land mass is disturbed by coal mines, this fact is not widely known and the rehabilitation requirements at Queensland mines are extensive.

“We live in a region that enjoys the economic benefits of mining as well as a pristine natural environment with stunning landscapes on land and on the reef. The mining and tourism industries complement each other in our destination and are not mutually exclusive.

“When the mining/resources sector sees a downturn in CQ, we see the flow on affect to health, education, accommodation, retail and when the mining/resources sector does well, those increases are reflected in our visitor numbers and expenditure” she said.

Additional comment Neil Lethlean Regional Economic Development Manager, “the future of Queensland Coal is dependent on Government recognising the strategic asset that is encased within the Galilee Coal Basin and we urge all and sundry to evaluate the intricate benefits that Coal provides to the Nation and importantly the Central and North Queensland Regions. Simply put; No Coal - No Revenue from coal royalties to maintain health, education, security, emergency services, social amenities, transport (and the extended list goes on) with the inevitable result being rapid regional decline

“For the Galilee Coal Basin, approval of the Carmichael Coal Mine is strategically important for any number of reasons the most significant being, No Carmichael Mine – No Galilee Basin Coal!”