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The Laurie Atlas Morning Show, weekdays 1pm-5pm.

Join Laurie Atlas as he tackles everything from talk back to TV, travel to technology, politicians to pets and parenting, health to home renovations, food to fishing and more! 

Laurie has a great range of regular guests including...


  • Rockhampton City Council
  • Annette Sym - Symply too Good to be True
  • Steve Wardill State Political Editor Courier Mail 


  • Kalair Mcarthur Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West
  • Senator Murray Watt
  • Terry Robson Well Being Magazine 
  • Kim Mckosker 4 Ingredients
  • Alex Chelios - The Big Smoke
  • Peter Ford Showbiz & Entertainment


  • Michelle Landry Member for Capricornia 
  • Gerald Quigley - Health
  • Secret Womens Business with Sam and Julie


  • Dr Justin Coulson Happy Families Parenting Expert
  • Nathan Dell NRL Tipping
  • Joanne Nova - Science Technology and Climate Change
  • Peter Blasina - Gadget Guy
  • Peter Ford - Showbiz & Entertainment


  • Brittany Lauga The Member for Keppel
  • Meredith Papas Former Journalist and voice of the Suburbs 
  • Movie Review - Kheenan Holzberger from Birch Carrol and Coyle
  • Macushla Montell Relationships Expert
  • What’s on for the weekend with Sam
  • Jukebox From Hell