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user Ana Kielly

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Event Date
29/10/2022 5:00 pm to 29/10/2022 10:00 pm
Event Location
Bauhinia House, Rockhampton
Event Price
attach_money $35 per person

A one night only event open to the public. Get excited! Our local NZ Maori dance group ‘Tu Te Awaroa’ are holding it’s second Hangi & Show Fundraiser at Bauhinia House on 29 October 2022. Time start is 5pm and ends at 10pm, a drug and alcohol free event. Definitely a family affair where you not only get a NZ Maori Traditional Hangi consisting of 3 meats and veges, stuffing, fry bread but also dessert – steam pudding, cream and custard. But wait! There’s more! The group will be putting on live performances including some material that will be featured at next years FNQ Matariki Festival hosted by the group right here in Rockhampton 2023 in July! That’s where the funds raised for this event will go. To add, there’ll be raffles, some karaoke, singing and dancing as well.


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