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Annabelle Comes Home | Trailer

It’s finally here, Annabelle is back!

“Nice Doll”

The trailer sets the scene with the Ed and Lorraine Warren heading for a night out, leaving their daughter Judy with two babysitters who are clearly about to get up to no good.

“Don’t your parents keep any creepy stuff around?” asks one of the babysitters.

Judy, tells the girls that all their creepy stuff is locked away in a room for safe keeping as everything in the room is either haunted, cursed or used in some ritualistic practice.

The babysitters, however, ignore Judy's warnings, go into the room and are introduced to Annabelle. 

A night of horror awaits the trio as Annabelle awakens all the other evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target.

“Mrs Warren, something is happening inside your house and we aren’t sure what to do.”


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